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What started out as a test to put a design on shirt soon became a hobby. After dozens of designs on products that range from t-shirts to gifts, it has become more than a hobby. Sleepless nights and hours of work have led to great designs that have been sold around the world. The unique designs by Gabriel Angel are now available on a wide range of products from several print on demand services. You will find the best of the bunch below:

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The original shop which started out with mostly t-shirts, buttons, and stickets, but the selection at Cafepress has grown tremendously. There is plenty for men, women, kids, and baby. It seems like there is an endless selection of t-shirt colors. There are mugs, shot glasses, bottles, thermos, and tumblers for the thirsty. Plenty of smartphone cases for the tech savvy including ipod, ipad, and android varieties. There are hats and bags, but not enough room to list all the different pieces of stationary. In short, this is the place to go to get our designs on the widest range of products.

Cafepress banner with immigration crossing yard sign, puerto rico baseball jersey, and classic cassette iphone case

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This is the place to go to get our designs on t-shirts and gifts with the option to customize it even further (add your own text and designs to it). Many of the product types found at Cafepress can be found here with some interesting exclusives. You will find interesting sleeves and skins for both laptops and game systems. The customized ipod speakers are a unique piece that I've only found at Zazzle. They even have customized ties. This is a close second to our best performing shop.

View more gifts at Zazzle.

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This shop is definitely more focused on apparel and may have even more color combinations/selections than the Cafepress shop. They offer a lot of flexibility in where you want our designs to show up on your t-shirts, hoodies, or even workout clothes. Many products allow you to place designs on the shoulder, back, front, pocket, large, and small. If we haven't put the design where you want it, then you have the power to move it and add it to other locations. You can even mix and match designs.

Spreadshirt banner with Texas graffiti pillow, radiactivity red shirt, and tribal skull black hoodie

This is a fairly new shop, but it is by far the easiest to add our designs to. The product selection is mostly apparel with some extras like bags and iphone cases mixed in. The site is simple, but effective. It would not be surprising if this shop worked it's way up the list of our most successful.

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This we would equate to a Cafpress lite. It is not our best performing shop, but the tools have been improving along with traffic to our designs. The product selection is pretty much standard compared to the other shops, but many ex-Cafepress shop keepers swore by this print on demand service. There is a lot of potential here.

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